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M Mendez, Tomas Waller and George Amato

Fundacion BiodiversidadSackler Institute for Comparative Genomics, at the American Museum of Natural History


We are interested in better understanding the spatial structure of anaconda populations in northern Argentina, and some of the environmental agents driving such patterns. To this end, we used genetic tools to evaluate population structure for this species in northern Argentina, and spatial analysis of distributional and environmental data. Such data has provided a rigorous scientific basis to inform management action through the designation of Management Units. This information is critical to developing appropriate plans of sustainable sustainable use. 

Analyses of population structure were published in a chapter of the Biology of the Boas and Pythons, edited by Robert W. Henderson and Robert Powel. Eagle Mountain Publishing, LC. , and as a scientific paper in PLoS ONE, first-authored by my former Masters Student Evan McCartney-Melstad, currently a PhD student at UCLA . Analyses of species' niche modeling were published as a paper in Diversity and Distributions, first authored by Francine Kershaw .

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